Soltecture erhält Zertifizierung nach UL 1703 für LINION Module

Für seine Rahmenmodule „Linion F“ und seine Indach-Module „Linion R“ mit einer Leistung ab 75 Watt erhält Soltecture das vom TÜV Rheinland ausgestellte Zertifikat nach UL 1703 für den US-Markt.

Zertifizierung nach UL 1703 für Linion F und Linion R

Zertifizierung nach UL 1703 für Linion F und Linion R

TÜV Rheinland conducts extensive product safety assurance tests and evaluation to ensure their safety for consumer use. Product certification to UL 1703 for these systems provides Soltecture with an opportunity for impressive growth in the United States’ solar energy market at a significant moment in energy production history. Soltecture’s CIS thin-film semiconductors may be applied in business, municipal, and residential environments. Its black-glass modules are productive, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

Current module efficiency is at 11,1%; highest 13% in peak efficiency; goal of 14% is targeted for the next ten months. “Even our second generation—the recently introduced high-efficiency modules of the LINION series—has surpassed the manifold quality and stress tests required by TÜV Rheinland,” says Dr. Nikolaus Meyer, CEO and founder of Soltecture. “We have been developing thin-film solar modules based on CIS semiconductors for over ten years as a German quality manufacturer. We will achieve an efficiency of 14% within the coming year.”

Soltecture’s building-integrated solutions transform otherwise un-used surfaces into small, decentralised power plants, not only supplying clean energy but also helping to reduce costs. For example, Soltecture’s flat-roof system enables previously unusable lightweight roofs with low load-bearing capacities to be utilized for photovoltaic systems. Compared with other flat-roof systems on the market, Soltecture’s system sets the highest standards in prefabrication, require ng considerably less installation effort than conventional systems.

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